Pisaura mirabilis

Sometimes called the 'nursery web spider', this species hunts in low vegetation and on the ground. They vary in colour from grey to dark brown. As only one species of this genus present in northern Europe, this spider is unmistakable.

During mating the male presents the female with a carefully wrapped insect as a present. The female carries her egg sac in her jaws and can look fairly odd.

It is mature in summer and can be found in grassland, woodland and heathland. Occasionally they will wander into our houses but this is not their normal habitat.

Above: A female guarding her nursery web.

Above: A male sitting on a nettle leaf. Note the swollen palps.

Above: a female guarding her egg sac in a nursery web that she has built.


Above: sometimes they can be found in houses.

Above: A male (I think), prowling around in a pile of dead leaves and grass.



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