Spider Photographs by family



The members of this family produce orb-webs (circular with a spiral) with closed hubs and a strong signal line from the hub to the retreat is usually present.

Araneus cavaticus

Araneus trifolium

Argiope aurantia

Gasteracantha elipsoides

Mecynogea lemniscata

Micrathena sagittata

Nephila clavipes



Most spiders in this family make orb-webs with a small hole in the hub, although adult Pachygnatha abandon web building and hunt at ground level.

Leucauge venusta

Leucauge mabelae




These are commonly called comb-footed spiders and build an irregular three-dimensional web in corners.

Argyrodes elevatus

Latrodectus mactans

Latrodectus geometricus



There are 43 genera and 75 species in this family. These spiders have large forward-facing eyes and are commonly called jumping spiders.

Eris aurantia

Plexippus paykulli



Peucetia viridans




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