Misumena vatia

This crab spider can be seen on flower heads where it lays in wait for insects to ambush.




Above: Three pictures of a white female that I found in Bristol.

Above: a female guards her egg sac.

Above: A picture of a yellow female sent to me by Bob&Marise from Switzerland.

Above: A white female on some foxgloves. Picture kindly sent to my by Jim Castle from London.

Above: A red and yellow female. Picture sent to me by Tanya Sewell from Ottawa, Canada.

Above: An illustration of the female of the species. They are difficult to spot when camouflaged on flowers.

Below: This spider has the ability to slowly change colour from white to yellow. Also the red markings can change size and even disappear. This allows the spider to be perfectly camouflaged on different colour flowers.

Above: The smaller male. They are very dull by comparison.



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