Araneus quadratus

Almost as abundant as Araneus diadematus, this pretty spider is one of my favorites. Its colouring varies considerably, from dark reddish brown to pale yellow or green. This spider sits either in the center of its orb-web or in a retreat lined with papery silk. Despite the variation in colouring this spider is unmistakable as it always has four white spots on its abdomen and banded legs. The white spots are more obvious on the darker specimens.

This spider is often slightly bigger than Araneus diadematus, especially when full of eggs. It can be found on low vegetation in grassland and heathland. It commonly makes a meal of grasshoppers that jump into its web.


Above: A green female. Her swollen, rounded abdomen indicates that she is full of eggs.

Above: A male waiting with a female in her retreat.

Above: the small male.

Above: two young spiders.

Above: An orangey-red Araneus quadratus at the center of her web.



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