Araneus angulatus

This spider is rare in the UK, and this photgraph was taken in Ibiza in southern Europe, it is only found in counties bordering the south coast of England. It is very similar to Araneus diadematus but can be distingushed by the angular tubercles on the abdomen and the often asymetrical white markings at the center of the abdomen.

The large orb web is often found on bushes and trees and often has support lines touching the ground. As a result the spider can feel the vibrations of a human walking past and will often immediatley retreat to a safe corner of its web. The web is often built in a place commonly used by many flying insects, between two trees often provides a good source of insects.

It displays behaviour very similar to Araneus diadematus except that its web has no retreat so the spider sits at the center of the web.

Above: these spiders vary in colouring.

Above: note the angular tubercles (humps).



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