Welcome to Nick's Spiders



Welcome to Nick Loven's web site dedicated to pictures and photographs of British and European spiders. I made this site to help people who wish to learn more about spiders or are trying to identify a spider that they have seen.

If you're looking to identify a spider, first take a look at the Spider gallery. There you will find a small selection of common spiders. If you cant find the spider there try looking in the Spiders by family page it has all the spider photos I've taken.

If you are from the USA you might like to take a look at Nick's Spiders of North America as it has many American spiders.

None of the spiders featured on my page are harmful to humans unless stated otherwise.

This site is updated as often as I can so please come back soon!

Last Updated - Thursday 26th October 2006

Update: Added a few pictures and information here and there. You might notice there are now Google adverts on every page. I hope this is not too intrusive but this website needs money to run.

Salticus scenicus


For people afraid of spiders who would like a humane way to remove them from their houses, try this product:





Above: a spider path that an unknown artist graffitied under a bridge in Lincoln. Click here to find out more.

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