Hymenoptera (wasps, bees, ants, and sawflies)


Hymenoptera means delicate wings. Most well known among hymenopterans are the bees (make honey, sometimes sting), wasps (yellow and black, stripey, like friut and like to sting) and ants (small black, enjoy picnics). All three mentioned are social insects but not all Hymenoptera live this way. There are solitary bees and wasps. There are parasites such as ichneumon wasps and sawflies which parasitise other insects.


Family Vespidae (Social wasps, hornets and yellowjackets)

Family Apidae (Bees)

Solitary Wasps

Sub-order Symphyta (Sawflies)



Above: An ichneumon wasp.

Above: a different species of ichneumon wasp.

Above: Red ants 'milking' aphids. By stroking the aphids with their antennae the aphids are made to secrete a sugary substance. In return the aphids gain the protection that results from the ants present.

Above: black ants milking greenfly.

Above: Ants moving their larvae to a safer place after their hill was destroyed by a lawn mower.



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